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Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

  • Ensures good health
  • Timely detection of health issues
  • Easy to use and operate


The Fohow Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer is a low-cost machine based on quantum resonance and adopted advanced equipment to collect the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis to analyze and determine the health status of the tested cells.

The benefits of using this machine are:

  • Helping notice diseases before they manifest.
  • Helping cure diseases and infections before they worsen.
  • Detecting the overall state of body health.
  • Detecting heart problems.
  • Determining the vitality of body organs.
  • Detecting trace elements in the body.

This machine is easy to use and can be operated by anyone with basic computer knowledge.

For those in South Sudan, Kenya, and any other East African country, you can get the Fohow Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer fromĀ  Dr. Okombo Thomas, an authorized distributor of the product, and all other Fohow products in the region.


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