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Knee Pad

  • Improve blood circulation in the knees
  • Ease pain in the knee joints
  • Fights knee arthritis


The Fohow Knee Pad is a specially designed belt that uses rare materials and technology to help with most knee problems.

The benefits of using this belt are:

  • Boosting the blood flow in the knees and other large joints.
  • Easing pain and eliminating pain from these joints.
  • Cures knee and other large joint disorders like arthritis.

The knee pads should not be used for more than 5 hours each session. They should also not be used while sleeping or by those with cancer, high blood pressure, mental illness, or pregnant women.

For those in South Sudan, Kenya, and any other East African country, you can get the Fohow Knee Pad fromĀ  Dr. Okombo Thomas, an authorized distributor of the product, and all other Fohow products in the region.



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