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Compound Danshen Tablets

  • For arrhythmia treatment
  • Nourishing blood
  • Consolidating heart functions


The Compound Danshen Tablets are refined with the latest technology in ingredient extraction to maintain their medicinal efficacy at the top.

The notable benefits of the tablets for the body are:

  • Maintaining blood flow to regulate menstruation.
  • Removing blood stasis and relieving pain.
  • Cooling blood and removing carbuncle.
  • Clearing heat to avoid irritability.
  • Nourishing blood.
  • Calming the nerves.

The active ingredients in the tablets are:

  • Salvia miltiorrhiza
  • Panax Natoginseng

These Danshen tablets are recommended for the following groups of people:

  • Those who want to prevent heart disease.
  • Those with high blood pressure.
  • Those with high blood sugar.
  • Women with erratic menstrual patterns.
  • Those who are easily irritated or angered.

For those in South Sudan, Kenya, and any other East African country, you can get the Compound Danshen Tablets fromĀ  Dr. Okombo Thomas, an authorized distributor of the product, and all other Fohow products in the region.


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